The Collection

Jackwyn is an investigation of pure metal and form. Paring back to the elemental; single sized, fine silver, jump rings are woven into a complexity of designs to produce an original collection of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings. No base metals are added to the fine silver and all the chains are made entirely by hand with each individual link soldered to add durability.

Handmade chain has been a dying art since the industrial revolution, although in reality, both methods can sit comfortably, side by side. However the handmade chain can express a unique fluidity of movement that interacts with both light and the body.  Each chain becomes a form of miniature sculpture, a three dimensional art form, that is pleasurable to the eye, and sumptuous on the skin.

All necklaces and bracelets use manufactured sterling silver lobster claps.  These add durability and safety to the chain.  These can be substituted for a hand made toggle if required.  All earrings use hand made sterling silver earwires.

The Artist

As the 4th generation of a jewellery and watch making family, jewellery, the love of metal and form is in my bones.  My Great Grandfather was a watchmaker who opened his first store in Caterham, Surrey in 1921. Before the Second World War my Grandmother, following the family tradition, worked as his apprentice. In 1948 the family moved to Africa and the business passed to her younger brother.  Following their well trodden footsteps I am now the first manufacturing jeweller in the line.

I started my career working for a family owned jewellery store and become fascinated with estate jewellery and the lore of amazing gemstones. This led me to study Gemmology though the Gemmological Institute of America. Still passionate about jewellery in 2004, I returned to study, and qualified in jewellery manufacture and object design.  My designs have shifted away from the emphasis of wealth and status that traditional jewellery offers, to an exploration of the purity of forms.  In my design work, this is embodied aesthetically through the repetition of simple forms to create complex designs.

In 2008, I started my own business specialising in hand made chain that was both traditional and contemporary.

I currently divide my time between the UK and Australia.


Advanced Diploma, Jewellery Design and Manufacture

GIA, Diamonds

GIA, Coloured Stones

GIA, Accredited Jewellery Professional

GIA, Gold and Precious Metals (Hons.)

GIA, Fine Jewellery Sales